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Try  a  30  serving  bag  of  GoodBuggies'  Live  &  Active  Natural  Probiotic  and  our kids book on gut health  -  for  free.  You  won't  believe  how  easy  and  delicious  they  are  -  so  good  your  kids  will  actually  want  to  take  them!


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Families love us (and we love them!) Kids love taking their Good Buggies, and parents love it too!

Live & Active Cultures

From real, fermented food! The way our ancestors naturally got their probiotics. No lab processed powders here!  

Easy To Take

No mixing or hiding needed- easy to enjoy straight from the packet!

All Natural & Organic Ingredients

We are proud to use only 5 simple, whole-food based ingredients.   

Top 8 Allergen Free

Dairy free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, and non-GMO 

Tastes like a snack. Really.

Super delicious. No convincing or hiding needed!


And That's Why Families LOVE GoodBuggies...
Here's What Our Customers Are Saying

"I was a little nervous to try a new product because my kids are super picky and have had a bad track record with other products. Super happy that they loved the taste and eating it right from the package. Plus I noticed right away my son who takes a long time going to the bathroom was able to go easily after taking this. Really happy will be reordering!!

Jessica L.

"This is the only probiotic that I've been able to get my son to take without a fight. He takes it consistently and I've noticed he is so much calmer and has even been less picky with his foods!

Nancy N., of Healthy Brooklyn Mom

"My daughter was so excited to get the probiotics in the mail because we had read the Buggies book and ever since she has been so motivated to help her good buggies beat the bad buggies! Even better, I love that I see it working... the next day morning after taking it, she woke up in such a good mood.. and her attitude has become so much calmer and more stable... I definitely am starting to understand the gut brain connection now!! Thank you!

Chana R.

Had to let you know - my daughter had been complaining of tummy aches every day. Tried everything and it wasn't going away. A friend recommended Good Buggies to me and I am sooo glad.. it's been a week now of taking it and she has not complained of tummy aches since she started!! 🙌🙌

Rebecca N.

I bought this for myself because I was so excited to see a true fermented food based probiotic... I love that it is truly live and active.. I can actually see that the cultures are alive when the packet expands!  I feel great taking it and it has really reduced my cravings. 

Katherine S.

I created GoodBuggies Probiotics when I was searching for a probiotic for my own daughter, during her gut healing journey. I found and tried many (many!) products, but none of them checked all my boxes. Finally, I discovered the way people get probiotics naturally, without a supplement... fermented food! But due to the naturally sour and "different" taste of fermented foods, I just couldn't get my daughter to eat them!

So I looked for a completely natural, fermented probiotic for kids that was live and active, just like a true fermented food... but there was absolutely NOTHING like it! So, I decided to create it myself, so that I could help not only my own daughter, but other families too.

My mission is to help families get stronger and healthier, and gut health is key. Gut health has been linked to improved brain function, mood, immune system function, and all around health.

I am passionate about giving you the tools you need to help your own family, which is why I am working to create all the things I wish I had when I first started on this journey... plus the ones we all still need! I'm here to support you with the knowledge, tools, and community support you need to tackle this head on. We can do this, together!

Here's to happy, healthy kids!


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